Privacy Policy

Uncle Mike's LE respects consumer privacy and works to safeguard your personal information, while complying with all International and United States Federal and State laws and regulations. We are dedicated to providing you with the superior customer experience that you know and expect from Uncle Mike's LE. We view your privacy as an important component of your customer experience and ensure that your personal information is handled in a safe and responsible manner.

What is your General Privacy Policy?

Uncle Mike's LE protects your privacy. We share only that data required in the ordinary course of business, including information necessary for validation of credit transactions, verification of identity, shipping and billing addresses, tracking orders and visitors, obtainment of payment, marketing and merchandising efforts, improvement of your consumer experience, and other data as described in this Policy.

What Personal Information do you Collect?

If you only browse our site, there is no need for you to provide any personal information. However, if you choose to purchase an item from us or provide us with your personal information through live chat, forums, testimonials, reviews, feedback forms, or other means, you consent to the transfer and storage of your personal information. This information allows us to provide you with a consumer experiences tailored to your needs.

We may request or retain the following for our database:

  • Your Name
  • Bill-To and Ship-To Information
  • Contact Information, including Email Address and Telephone Number
  • Financial and Credit Information, as needed
  • Order Information
  • Information Specific to Individual Customers
  • Export Compliance and Domestic Compliance Certifications
  • End Use, End User, Country of Ultimate Destination Information
  • Any Information Required by the U.S. Department of State or the U.S. Department of Commerce for Export Licensing
  • Identifications or Employers, as needed to verify law enforcement, military or professional status
  • Internet Protocol Address
Do you Maintain a Database?

Uncle Mike's LE maintains a private customer database for its own company use and marketing efforts. If you do not wish to receive our newsletters, you may request deletion of your address via the removal instructions available in the newsletter.

How do I Consent to Uncle Mike's LE's Policies?

By doing business with Uncle Mike's LE, you give consent to the implementation of the policies set forth herein. By denying access to any required personal information for the completion or verification of a transaction, participation in live chat, forums, testimonials, reviews, feedback forms, or other information required to communicate with Uncle Mike's LE, you surrender the ability to transact with Uncle Mike's LE.

What Personal Data may be Shared or Disclosed?

Uncle Mike's LE does not sell or share your personal information with other non-affiliated companies or persons. However, under the following circumstances, and as permitted by law, we may be required to share your personal information:

  • Uncle Mike's LE provides information as needed to respond to any subpoenas, court orders, legal process, enforceable governmental requests, legal claims or to comply with any applicable laws or regulations. Uncle Mike's LE reserves the right to share your personal information to exercise any legal rights or to defend against any legal claims.

  • Uncle Mike's LE shares information as may be required to further law enforcement investigations, to prevent illegal activity and to assist in taking action against illegal activity. Additionally, Uncle Mike's LE shares information, as permitted by law, to preserve the reputation and integrity of Uncle Mike's LE, to prevent any harm to rights or property of our customers or Uncle Mike's LE and to address any issues arising out of or related to fraud.

  • If Uncle Mike's LE is acquired by or merges with any other company or entity, your personal information may be transferred to any parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates or successors.

  • Uncle Mike's LE may share information to address security, technical or customer service issues or enforce any policies or terms and conditions of our websites or transactions.

  • Uncle Mike's LE may provide your information to our trusted service providers who work under confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements or assist with our business operations. Such companies may support our effective and innovative marketing techniques or aid in services necessary for fulfillment or completion of orders.

  • Uncle Mike's LE may share information as needed for the processing, tracking and fulfillment of any orders, as well as to collect fees and resolve any payment issues.

  • Uncle Mike's LE may use personal information to provide you with important marketing or promotional notices and to improve our marketing efforts or website design.

  • Uncle Mike's LE shares information with other third parties when necessary to improve your consumer experience.

Please note that personal information includes any information that can be used to identify a specific person, not anonymous information about a user.

How do you Protect Credit Data?

Uncle Mike's LE reserves the right to exchange individual credit data and credit experience as any other company or organization may do in the ordinary course of business. Exchanging information may be necessary for payment processing, verification purposes and fraud prevention, etc . This policy protects the order process on the Internet, promotes individual responsibility and protects consumers. Uncle Mike's LE takes necessary measures to ensure your credit data is secure and only shared with authorized persons or entities.

Is your Ordering Process Secure?

Uncle Mike's LE ensures the safe transmission of your personal information during the ordering process. We make certain that our ordering process is up-to-date, secure and capable of protecting your personal information.

Is any Information Provided Automatically?

When you visit Uncle Mike's LE, we may receive information about your visit automatically through data collection tools and methodologies used in the ordinary course of business. These tools enhance the quality of our service and provide you with a user-friendly experience.

What I am referred to another Site or Service?

We may provide links to Sites or Services outside of the Uncle Mike's LE site for your reference or use. Uncle Mike's LE may not have any affiliation with these sites or services and you should review the privacy policies associated with these sites or services. Uncle Mike's LE is not responsible for the privacy policies of external sites. Please see the following privacy policy for information about checkout with Pay Pal.

Is this Policy Subject to Change?

Uncle Mike's LE reserves the right to change this privacy policy as needed. Please check back with us for any updates.

Where are Your Other Policies?

Please refer to our main Policy Page for more information on our Customer Service Policies and Procedures.